Intrigued by surfaces, rhythms and repetitions. Fascinated by encounters between elements, motion and emotions. Inspired by nature, passionately exploring light and shadow, elements of intentional serendipity, and driven by curiosity and emotions.


Relief  –  Acrylic on wood


The relief works are like modern and abstract sculptural still life. The reliefs create their own intriguing space in exiting and aesthetic relations between the surfaces. Simplistic and complex in duality. Harmony and disharmony in a minimalistic aesthetic solo. 

Relief  –  Acrylic on wood

Relief  –  Acrylic on wood


At a distance, the paintings often exude a soft and matte look – they seem to absorb the surrounding light. However looking closer they emanate the passion by which they are made. They show evidence of an intense proces of creation with powerfull strokes, drawn passionately across the surface. 

Instalation of red painting – Acrylic on wood

Acrylic on canvas

Instalation of grey painting – Acrylic on wood

Relief  –  Acrylic on wood

Instalation of black relief – Acrylic on wood


Sculptures created in bronze, wood or metal.

Bronze sculpture

Acrylic on wood, Metal frame



Resent solo exhibition in the old

Copenhagen meat packing district


For enquiries about available artworks, please call or e-mail: - phone (+45) 26 81 45 71

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